Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Say Yes to the Dress

A few months ago my Mom, Family, and Bridesmaids surprised me with a Say Yes to the Dress Party. What's a Say Yes to the Dress Party You Say? Let me explain, only about the cutest stinkin' idea in the whole wedding world. Here's a rundown of whats involved.

1. The previously worn wedding dresses of your Mother, Step Mother, Cousin, Grandmother, Bridesmaids, Sister-in-law, etc. My Mom had all the dresses beautifully hung side by side for me to see when I arrived.
2. A Runway of sorts. We had a beautiful staircase covered in Pink Balloons.I tried on all the beautiful gowns and modeled them down the staircase for my guests. This was so meaningful because each dress belongs to a woman that I love, look up to, and aspire to be like in some way. The idea that all these dress's had been worn at such a special time in each woman's life brought me to tears almost every time I put one on. We were all especially moved when I tried on my Grandma Vickie's dress. Unfortunately, my Grandma Vickie is no longer with us here on earth but it was clear she was smiling down on this beautiful moment. Grandma Vickie's mother, my great grandmother, was able to be at the party and when she started crying the waterworks started for all of us. Needless to say, it was a memory I'll never forget.
My Grandmothers Dress Circa 1960
My Mom's Dress Circa 1992
My Soon To Be Sister in Laws Dress Circa 1990
My Cousin Stephanie's Dress Circa mid to late 90's (I think)
My Bridesmaid Hallie's Dress
My Step Mom Ann Marie's Dress from when she married my Father

3. Champagne. No explanation Necessary

4. Some appetizers to keep the Champagne from going to your head too quickly. At our soiree the food was provided by my MOH, SMOB, (thats Step Mother of the Bride if you're not clear on today's wedding lingo), and my cousin who graciously let us use her home for this Shindig. Side Note: My cousin even kicked her husband out for a few hours, thats love, thanks Steph.

5. Games, whats a bridal event without games ? My particular favorite included Lingerie brought by each guest and hung on a clothes line with gold glitter clothes pins. I had to guess who each item was from. If I guessed correctly, I got to keep the lingerie, If I didn't it went back to the purchaser. Luckily, I guess most correctly and if I didn't mu guests were kind enough to give me the pretties anyhow.

As you can see from the third photo, there are some jokesters in my group!

If you're like my mom and I, and just can't wait for your first wedding event this is an amazing precursor to dress shopping. Memories were made that will forever hold a special place in my heart. A big thank you to everyone that made this possible. As I recount the day while writing this post I feel especially blessed for all the fantastic women that I call friends and family.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Will You be My Bridesmaid?

I racked my brain trying to think up a special way to ask my girls to be a part of my big day. With a little help from google and some of my Mom's friends I came up with something pretty great.

I started with ordering these adorable sandals from www.swagstamp.com. They can customize rubber boots, flats , and sandals with pretty much any monogram in any color. We added a cute little poem to amp up the awwwwwww factor!

Once the sandals were ordered we put together a custom video for each maid, complete with pictures of us throughout our friendship and an audio recording of me telling them why I hope they'll say yes to being bridesmaid....this was probably my favorite part.

I put together gift bags with craft paper bags from the dollar store , scrapbook paper and jewels I had on hand, and print outs of their monograms I got from www.forchicsake.com

Inside the gift bag were instructions, video on a CD, and a response card....

In the instructions I asked them to send me a picture of themselves with their response.

Thankfully they all said yes!!!

Oh I almost forgot the best part, they were all hand delivered by me and my little helper.

And a HUGE thanks to My Mother who played and integral part in getting these special gifts ready for some very special ladies.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Prince is Here!!!!

For as long as I've had a Pinterest, I've had a wedding board. I called my board, "One day my Prince will come", it has always been the board with the most pins. Like a first born child, I obsessed over it, gave it all my attention, neglected my other boards for its' sake, and had all the patience I could muster with it. Finally, that patience and nurturing paid off and my prince appeared! He showed up in a shiny white pickup truck and perfectly worn Levi's. He had a strong jaw, broad shoulders, and smelled of the best damn BBQ in town ( not exactly your typical disney prince charming, but he was certainly a wish my heart made). Fast forward four years and Prince Charming aka Mr. Q smartened up and put a ring on it.

Our Engagement

As y'all know, Q is no slacker when it comes to romance, a few scrolls down to my 27th birthday and that's apparent. I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't hoping for /expecting an engagement ever since that birthday, so pulling off a surprise would be nothing short of miracle. Well, miracle worker that he is, he surprised me, my family, and all my friends. And, just like Q in his white pick up truck and Levis, it was perfection.

After a lovely weekend at the MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale complete with wineries and romantic dinners we returned home to celebrate my 28th Birthday with friends and family. Even though I was looking forward to a well thought out and fabulous dinner prepared by my best friend, my excitement was quelled by my inner hissy fit. My thoughts went something like "why in the hell would he let such a wonderful weekend pass without proposing?? That's it, I'm going to die alone with 20 chihuahua's, never having found my prince charming or having my dream wedding." Dramatic, I know, but don't tell me none of you have never had similar thoughts....I've seen all your pinterest boards. Anyhow, I calmed myself down with the idea that he was waiting for my actual birthday, maybe he wanted to do it at my party, maybe it would be in my cake or my champagne glass!!! NOPE. Screw it, dinners over and I've had enough of the niceties, lets go karaoke at a hole in the wall and I'll drown my sorrows in Vodka.

Equipped with my best friends we headed to a local watering hole. The night went on and my mood improved. I convinced myself that it just wasn't my turn yet, but look how lucky I was. I was surrounded by a wonderful group of funny, happy, tipsy, karaoke singing fools who had all come out to celebrate with me, life was good. Around 12:30 after my girls and I had just finished belting "no huggy, no kissy, til I get WEDDING RING", (subtle huh?) it was Q's turn to show off his vocal prowess. Microphone in hand he called me up on stage for a birthday toast, this wasn't a proposal, but i'll take it. His "toast" went a little something like this "this is where we met before our first date about four years ago" and me still totally clueless "yes it is!!" "I had almost forgotten about that !!". He continues " and we've been having some fun since then so we're gonna go ahead and make it official". Then it happened, to my complete and utter surprise, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!!!

He could've planned all kinds of elaborate scenarios involving hot air balloons or skywriting, but there in that little bar where it all started four years ago he got down on one knee and made me the happiest girl in the world, it was just as perfect as he is.

The Pig Cake that my ring was NOT in

Us subtly hinting that I wanted a ring via song

The moment I had been waiting for my whole life

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Disney Princess Half Marathon - I made it !

Well let me just start with this. It feels good to be back. I've missed this blog. New domain name www.thinkhautepink.net. Same crazy author.

Since, my last post was about the Disney Princess Half Marathon I ran in February I figured I'd follow up on that and let y'all know how it went. Obviously the most important part of the race is wardrobe, so lets start with that. Snow White was an obvious choice for my running costume since I have almost black hair and I was running with my prince (y'all know him as Mr. Q). Once I decided on the appropriate princess, Q and I went shoe shopping. To my dismay, its not smart or appropriate to choose your running shoes based on color scheme. Apparently, running shoes aren't like high heels (you know, the more they hurt the better they look and you have confirmation that you made the right decision). When choosing running shoes, you are supposed to take into consideration things like your arches, how you move when you run, etc., color just doesn't come into play. Whatever the store has that feels good after 13.1 miles of pounding the pavement, that's what you wear. It just so happens that my feel good shoe is a pair of purple and turquoise Asics. While Asics are a fine running shoe, these particular one's didn't coordinate with my Snow White get up.

I always say there's nothing a big bow cant fix, well a big bow and bottle of pink champagne, but luckily we didn't even need to break out the bubbly to solve this footwear dilemma. I made a quick trip to my local shoe store for a pair of red shoe laces and then hightailed it to my craft room for some ribbon and.....problem solved. I ended up with CUTE comfy shoes that didn't clash with my tutu.

I really had big plans for the rest of my costume ,but life got in fashions' way and I was throwing my ensemble together last minute. I was still relatively pleased with the outcome though, I mean, can you really go wrong with lululemon and a tutu? Here's what I ended up with...

I also had plans to dress Q up as Prince Charming. I'm not sure if life got in the way of those plans or he did, either way, as you can see it didn't happen.

As you can tell in this photo Q was NOT pleased to be up at 3am to join a bunch of tutu clad princess's to run 13.1 miles.

The whole experience was pretty fabulous, just as you would expect from any race with "princess" in it's name. Even though Q and I had to walk about 3 miles to the start line and wait about two hours before we could actually get to the racing part, we were thoroughly entertained the whole way there. Disney provided us with no shortage of music, motivation, or Fairy Godmothers.

When it was finally our turn to start I was super pumped and feeling sassy. The first 4 miles were strong and then, BOOM!!!!!. Here's another one of the times where I'm kinda wishing I hadn't promised y'all to share the good, bad, and ugly because this was UGLY. I thought about leaving it out of the post ,but ugly can be funny so here it is, the BOOM!!.

This can be a VERY crowded race at times. There are some where around 30,000 people that participate and the roads seem to close in on you at times. One of these times was around mile 4,Cinderella's castle was in my sights , and I was still on my first wind. Q had gotten away from me and I was feeling a little big for my britches, I mean tutu, so I got up on a median to pass up the slow pokes that were holding me back. I giggle as I write this, life sure does have a way of putting us in our place, and my place apparently was smack dab, face first into a large metal purple sign that said "Disney World this way".

You read that right, in an effort to go further faster I got knocked on my ass, literally. Q said it was so loud it sounded like a gong bass drum amplified times 25. I didn't pass out but I don't remember running into the sign either. All I recall is my prince charming coming to the rescue, when you think about the whole ordeal its kind of appropriate. You know, a Princess in distress saved by her knight in shining armor, or that's how I like to remember it anyhow. As any good Prince would do, Q worried over me, asking if wanted to keep going, assuring me it was OK to quit. HELL NO we're not quitting. I didn't train for half a year, drive two hours, stay in a hotel, wake up at 3am, get dressed up in a tutu, and wear red lipstick to QUIT.

Here's a picture of me just before the sign ordeal and here's one after. You can't tell in this pic but there is an "L" shape across my face from the corner of the sign.

At my insistence we didn't quit. We pushed through the rest of the way right by each others side. My mother and sister were waiting for us at the Castle and snapped this picture.

The part of the race from the castle to the finish line was pretty uneventful compared to all the drama from the first half. If I were to tell you about it in detail it'd be a bunch of sappy lovey dovey stuff about how Q and I supported each other and cheered each other on.... blah blah blah...I'll spare you anymore mush about my Prince Charming.

After a super lengthy blog post ( it was a 13.1 mile race y'all, I can't fit it all in two paragraphs)we finally reached the finish line. There aren't many flowery words out there that can describe how it felt to finish that race. I think "wow" "ouch" and "thank you Jesus" sum it up. As in "wow, we are the sh*t","ouch, my body may never recover from this pain", and "thank you Jesus, I am certain I could not have done this without you".

It was also pretty amazing to have my fantastic and loving Mom and Sister there as my chEAR squad. If you ever decide to run this race I highly recommend dragging family and friends with you, it adds to the whole feeling like a princess thing and look how adorable they can be !!

I bet of few of you are thinking that I don't have the sense God gave a goose to put myself through all that for a shiny gold Tiara shaped medal, I know I thought that a few times myself around miles 4,7,8,9,10,11, and 12. In all honesty though, finishing that race is one of the single most powerful things I have ever done for myself. I set a very loft goal (I am NOT athletic, as I said before I FAILED PE two or three times)and I saw it through. Finishing that race reassured me what our Mama's always tell us, you can do anything you put your mind to. So, I've put my mind to all kinds of things...like finally finishing college. Blog post to come on what its like to be almost 30 in class full of 17 to 19 year olds, its a good one ;)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Anything For a Tiara

I know this blog is just all over the place with topics...the other day it was decorating and today half marathons. I just can't help it though, that's how my brain works. One minute I'm covered in glitter eating peanut butter pie and the next I'm swearing off refined sugar and running a half marathon.Silly, I know, who in their right mind would swear off sugar and run a half marathon? NO ONE. That's why I'm still eating sugar.

I am however committed to running a full 13.1 miles on February 24, 2013 through Disney World. When I started this whole jazz I thought it was because It would get me smaller hind parts and a Tiara. Turns out I'm just getting a Tiara. This is fine with me, who needs small hind parts when you've got a Tiara?

I am about half way through my training, as a matter of fact I'll be running 7 miles for the first time this afternoon. Please pray for me as my diet this weekend consisted of wine, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter pie, and Santa's White Christmas ice cream (thank you Publix) instead of the recommended "Chicken or fish, small sweet potato or ½ cup to 1 cup rice, side salad with light dressing".

I'll keep y'all periodically updated throughout this process with fun things like My running costume and how I'll be constructing it as well as how I fared at the actual race and pictures of my TIARA medal.

For now, I just want to use this as a platform to encourage all of you to DO. DO what makes you happy, DO what you think you can't, DO the impossible, DO what makes you better.

For years and years when I heard of someone running any distance at all (let alone 13.1 miles)I would think "wow, that would be great to get that good at something so physical" and then forget about it. You see, physical activity has never been my strong suit unless it involved physically dragging 15 to 20 lbs. of shopping bags from one store to the next through a mall. I failed P.E. in high school, twice. My Dad used to be unable to contain himself from laughing when I ran. I tried to play T ball when I was 5 but quit because the hat wasn't conducive to my ever so stylish poofy bangs. Moral of the story, I sucked at anything that didn't happen indoors.

About a year ago a friend of mine encouraged me to run a 5k with her, beach to bar. I thought to myself certainly I can make it 3.1 miles to a bar. I'm sure sometime in my late teens and early 20's I've traveled much farther for a good watering hole. I was right, with the help of an app called "couch to 5k" I made it 3.1 miles over two bridges to Carson's Tavern and had a well deserved cocktail. It wasn't very easy though, I was tired...real tired.

I had heard of Disney's Princess Half Marathon but it still didn't seem to be in my reach. After all, I was huffing and puffing like I was trying to blow their house down and I hadn't even run a third of a half marathon.I ogled the pretty costumes and sparkly medals then forgot about it and considered it totally out my reach.

Fast forward 1 year and here I am half way there. I am proud already, I would have never thought I would be running 7 miles on a Monday and making it to see Tuesday, but I am. Makes me wonder what else I can do that I thought I couldn't.

If any of y'all are considering running or are already running here are some of the must haves I've discovered along the way.

G Series Prime, Perform, and Recover.

I love this stuff especially, the prime pouch. It tastes great and I feel a noticeable difference when I take it before running long distances.


I rarely go on a run without one of these on in some form or fashion. I mostly wear it as head band to keep the hair and sweat out my eyes. This is the only headband I have found that doesn't give me a headache and stays on through my whole run. I also really love to wear it around my face for colder night runs. If you have done any physical activity in the cold then you know that breathing in all that cold air can make your throat and nose really sore, the hoo-rag keeps that from happening without making me feel smuggled.

There are quite a few uses for hoo-rags that don't involve running, check out their site for more info. www.hoorag.com

Sony Earbud Headphones

These earbuds have a great sound quality and provide off the charts comfort, I am constantly forgetting they are even in my ears.